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About me: Kerry Goss is a shy vanilla soccer mom who I am training as a slave. She is a handful and such punishments as hard spankings have failed to produce the desired results. I discovered what she needed was to be pushed into the lifestyle past the point of no return. In the same way that the early explorers burned their ships when they got to the new world as a symbol that they would never return, by so utterly exposing Kerry Goss on the internet, I am helping her burn the ship of the old life and usher in the nude. She is EXTREMELY nervous about this, as you can imagine and does not always like it immediately when it happens, but she needs it. She deserves it. She has earned it. If she has to pose for pictures with her collar on, or even sometimes just having her pussy shaved, she sometimes BEGS and PLEADS for mercy, "Oh, God, please, Sir. Please, no, oh, God, please no...." blah blah blah. Her occassoinal smiles in the pics, hard nipples throughout all the pics, and her wet pussy and quick orgasm later suggest that her feelings on the matter are mixed. As you can see from her smiles she is not being forced or coerced, but rather realizes the need to introduce such a hard trial into her life. It should be pointed out that this is most often punishment for Kerry Goss, and much like a sub who needs a hard spanking, punishment is not all fun and games. Kerry Goss has been posted nude on many normal porn sites and if you search Google for "Kerry Goss" and a word like nude/naked/porn etc [be sure to use quotes on her name but not the other word] then you can see that she is getting the nude exposure she deserves. I can't take all the credit, though, and I encourage all of you to take the time to download and repost a few pics of Kerry Goss and distribute where you see fit. Please don't doxx or contact as this would spoil the fun, but observe, fap, trade, laugh, and share. Once you own Kerry Goss's pics, her exposure at that point is really up to you and she (or me) don't have any say in the matter, but I illustrate the following guidelines I used when exposing naughty Kerry Goss's nudity: 1. FULL size pics (if you open the pics in their own window you can see how huge they are!). Small pics don't get traded as much and it lets Ms. Goss off too easy if you can't see everythign clearly. 2. FULL nudity, or nearly so. She is forced to strip fully naken in nearly every pic to show her big tits, fat ass, thick thighs and bald pussy clearly. 3. FULL frontal. Her full frontal nudity with her shaved pussy and tits clearly visible is at least a hallmark of every gallery, if not every pic. 4. FULL face. Kerry Goss begged and pleaded for a face blur, but she did NOT get mercy and that should continue. Face clearly visible. 5. The FULL monty: Kerry Goss isn't just showing a few sneaked beach shots or mild B bedroom shots stolen off a laptop by Geeksquad. She is stripped totally naked, shaved, often collared, and showing in bondage, doing public nudity, spreading her pussy, and performing sex acts like a porn star, notably fucking and sucking. Kerry Goss has harder core porn out there she did for free than any issue of "Hustler" did when I was a kid, and that was as hard as we could get back then! 6. FULL name. I have included some pictures of her passport with the name not blocked out to show that she is who I say she is, and. As a result, she has even been indexed with her full name on Google. So, that's the FULL story on our little webwhore, Kerry Goss. Remember the rules for our naughty mommy: download, fap, trade, repost, repeat. The most imporant one: NO MERCY for Kerry Goss. Thank you for helping!